Honoring our Posts & Auxiliaries

- 10/1/2021

Zane-Fox Memorial Post 344

Muster date: March 24, 1920             

Celebrating 101 years of service to San Jose Veterans!

CPL James L . Wilson Post 69       
Muster Date: May 28, 1921 
Celebrating 100 years of Service to Redwood City Veterans!

Located in downtown Redwood City, Post 69 is celebrating 100 years of  service to the Community and to area veterans. This post has served veterans returning home after serving on foreign soil since World War I. Thank you for your continued service to veterans and the Redwood City Community! 

Freedom Post 1716             August 10, 1929     92

Seamont Memorial Post 8679 October 15, 1930 91

Mission Santa Clara Post 3982          January 5, 1945             76

South San Francisco Post 4103          May 14, 1955                 66

John A. Berri Post 6309 March 15, 1946 75

Auxiliary 6309 August 21, 1947 74

Leslie L. Garratt Post 6359 March 26, 1946 75

Auxiliary 6359 August 6, 1946 75

SGT Frank Lillard Post 6747 April 15, 1946 75

Auxiliary 6747 January 22, 2011 10

LT Billy Paulsen, Jr. Post 6849 April 24, 1946 75

Auxiliary 6849 August 24, 2013 8

Tres Pueblos Post 7263 May 16, 1946 75

Fort Ord Memorial Post 811          January 22, 1966           55

Auxiliary 8679 April 23, 1931 90

Hollister Post 9242 March 28, 1947 74

Auxiliary 9242 May 16, 1947 74

Aptos Post 10110 April 27, 1988 33

Pacifica Post 10245 May 25, 1988 33



Our programs support our service members while they are on the front line, as they are being discharged and long after they return. Your tax-deductible donation will be immediately directed to the VFW programs where your support is most urgently needed.


Post News

Important Info for Post7263 Members

Post Membership

Tres Pueblos Post 7263 welcomes our new members. New members help keep our Post a viable, active Post. They bring new energy and ideas to our organization.

Kentucky town helped by VFW Post 7263

Capitola Post 7263 sends relief check to help the flood ravaged community of Hazard, Kentucky.

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Honoring our Posts & Auxiliaries

We have several VFW Posts & Auxiliaries that have reached or are reaching significant anniversaries. This article talks about all of our active Posts and Auxiliaries by years of service to District 12 Veterans!

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WWII Vet 98-yo Birthday

VFW, OC Agencies, Celebrate U.S. WWII Navy Vet, Harold E. Carter's 98th Birthday Thursday w/Drive-By and Happy Birthday Song in South County

Leading California Veterans Organizations Call on Governor Newsom to Reopen Veterans’ Posts

Groups say COVID-related closures are preventing posts from providing critical services to veterans such as processing claims for healthcare and disability benefits.

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Celebrating Those Who Have Worn the Nation's Uniform

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